Including pizza boxes, vegetable trays, packaging in heavy-duty cardboard and high quality boxes printed in 6 colours, the production of Ondulati Trentini is diversified and satisfies customer requirements with functional and highly effective quality solutions, in corrugated cardboard and folded card, manufactured according to specific customer requirements.

The various models are diversified by size, shape, type of card and printing and are divided into the following two categories:

Master boxes closed with tape or staples
The sheets of card are inserted into the case-maker which presses, cuts, prints and glues them. After these processes, the box leaves the machine already folded and is automatically tied into packs, stacked and palletised.

Die-cut boxes with interlocking flaps
The boxes are made with a die-cutter. Here, the sheets of card are cut and shaped with special dies, without being glued.

Special processes
As well as standard production, the company also performs special processes, such as stitching large boxes, "snap-open" gluing, boxes with very small formats (e.g.: for screws and nails).
Some examples of boxes and cases:

• Heavy duty boxes
• Large boxes
• Transport boxes
• Protective boxes
• Promotional boxes
• Die-cut boxes
• Trays
• Cases
• Pre-cut display cases
• Small boxes